The Ontario government has recognized the shortage of affordable housing and is now promoting up to two ADU’s (additional dwelling units). A homeowner can add an additional unit to an attached, detached or within an existing structure in London, Ontario. Depending on your local zoning bylaws, landlords/homeowners can add an additional unit either by:

  • Adding a unit within an existing structure- including adding an addition
  • Within an existing detached structure
  • Constructing a new detached structure

Depending on the circumstances of your property, you are entitled to create two additional units through the above means.

This ability can provide:

  • Home for an elderly parent
  • Rental unit to generate income
  • Living space for a young adult
  • Guest house
Before the execution of an ADU there are many considerations and regulations that must be followed. AE Builders has extensive knowledge and experience with Additional Dwelling Unit’s in London, Ontario. AE Builders can help you with:
  1. Verifying what can be built on your property:
    • Does your existing property meet the requirements for an additional unit?
    • Does your local zoning by-laws allow for an additional unit?
    • Will you need a minor variance or rezoning?
    • Will your unit need to be licensed?
    • Consult with City Staff on your behalf
  2. Determine and Design the optimal location and layout for your secondary unit:
    • Provide the construction drawings required for the building permit application
    • Apply and consult with City Staff regarding Building Permit Application
  3. Construct your Secondary Unit/Facilitate all necessary building inspections
We specialize in infill development/building. This is a crucial asset when constructing a new addition or detached structure in an existing neighbourhood. Our experience with infill development gives us the advantage to execute your project in the most cost-effective way and with the ability to minimize errors and time compared to those who are not accustomed to infill projects. Our knowledge of infill projects with London City Hall gives us an additional edge over our competitors in how to navigate the requirements and get your project granted.

AE Builders is a registered Tarion Home Builder.

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