Customer Review from Eavan Travers
January 7, 2019
AEbuilders were fantastic to work with. Attention to detail, innovative responses to a century property with its unique challenges, were some of the benefits working with this team. It was a pleasure to work with a contractor who listened. The development of the project was on time and on budget. I would happily work with these contractors again.
Customer Review from Salt Clinic Canada
November 15, 2018
In 2015, AE Builders constructed a new commercial infill development project for us on Oxford St. It included the construction of a restaurant, retail and office space. The communication between us and AE Builders was phenomenal, and the project was done on schedule. Their positive relationship with the trades was apparent and AE Builder’s workmanship was excellent. Currently, a new infill development project is underway on the same site. We were so happy with AE Builders the first time around, that they are now building our second retail development.
Customer Review from Kapland Inc
October 5, 2018
AE Builders has developed and built several multi-family infill development rental properties for us. They are well organized, knowledgeable, reliable and very honest. They don’t shy away from thinking out of the box in order to enhance our projects and make them more successful.