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Multi-Family Homes

From duplexes to triplexes and fourplexes, we can build custom properties for generational family living or as an investment property.

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Exterior of a light green multi-family home with two concrete walk-ups

Multi-Family Investment

Multi-unit custom-builds is where we started our journey as builders, investors, and property owners. Multi-family projects require a different skill set and knowledge than a single family build. We have that expertise.

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Multi-Family Home Benefits

Multi-family housing is viewed as the best and most affordable housing option for both families and people at various stages in their lives. Also, highly preferred amongst real estate investors.

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Ideal for families who want to be close but retain their privacy.

The rental income can offset the cost of your mortgage and other expenses.

You can expect a high occupancy rate, providing you with a positive income stream.

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Experience The Difference

A multidisciplinary firm streamlines the entire process. Potential issues and risks are minimized while cost savings are increased.

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AE Builders is a husband and wife team. Named after our two sons (Adam & Ethan), AE Builders has been bringing projects to life since 2010.


With over 10 years of intensification development experience, we are able to review the zone and size of your land to determine what can be built.


We know London- the good and the bad. We respect unique neighborhood characteristics and are acquainted with the bureaucratic challenges.


We are Tarion/Net Zero trained builders. Our proficiency with multi-unit building codes translates to a superior build tailored to multi-unit living.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it better to work with a multidisciplinary firm?

Working with a single company minimizes risks and streamlines the entire process. Typical communication gaps between designer/draftsman/ engineer etc., and the builder is eliminated. Potential issues are flagged and dealt with early on in the process rather than on site during construction.

How long does the pre-construction phase take?

Depending on your project’s specific circumstances (site plan requirement, minor variance application etc.), this phase can take up to a year or longer. We find this is not something most people are aware of, and it should be considered from the beginning to maintain proper timeline expectations.

What are the soft costs associated with the pre-construction phase?

Soft costs are the fees associated with obtaining all the requirements laid out by the municipality and design plans. Depending on the circumstances of your project, the average cost for this phase is $15,000-$30,000. But each project is different. We provide our clients real cost savings during this phase with our extensive knowledge and experience navigating these many steps.

Why can’t you give me a price per square foot?

There is nothing wrong with asking this question, as it’s an easy way to try to compare builders. However, this method of comparison can be very misleading as the definition of what goes into the calculation varies. For example, does it include any exterior work like decks and sidewalks, are the level of finishes comparable, are net zero building practices included and so on.

Why do I need to reveal my budget so early on?

We understand there is a common fear amongst homeowners to reveal their budget to a contractor or builder but it’s important to be honest with us (and yourselves) when it comes to how much you are able to invest in a project. Knowing your budget upfront allows us to present options that are within your comfort zone. It is unproductive to be months into planning only to realize the design exceeds your budget.

How long does construction take?

The construction timeline varies greatly depending on the type of build, but the average timeline is 9-10 months for new construction.

Our Past Projects

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New construction: Semibuilt on vacant landy.


New Construction: Rear addition constructed to convert single family house to a duplex.


New Construction: Single family house demolished. Triplex constructed.


New Construction: House demolished, triplex constructed

We want to be your builder!

We are committed and genuinely enjoy every project we work on. We are excited to hear about your build and see if we are the right fit for your project.

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