Who We Are

Named after our two sons (Adam and Ethan), AE Builders has been bringing projects to life since 2010. Our specialization is in new construction of infill development projects. It is our passion and our strength. Our initial focus was creating income properties and over the years have expanded into building custom homes as well as income properties for our clients. Our knowledge goes beyond construction and we are skilled in all aspects of Planning, Development, and Design. From zoning, permits and construction, we do it all! AE Builders is proud to be a Tarion Licensed Builder and a family run business.

What We Do

AE Builders creates custom properties through new construction and/or renovation projects. We have experience with intensification projects, specifically:

  • Design and Build on vacant land (custom homes)
  • Consent to Severe
  • Intensification
  • Creating secondary dwellings in existing structures
  • Additions onto existing structures
  • Renovation projects for homeowners

The advantage with AE Builders is that we have the skills and abilities to manage, develop and build projects at all stages. We are committed and genuinely enjoy every project we work on.

What Sets us Apart:

The process of working on a construction project is a personal and collaborative experience between the builder and the client. We value and understand that. We believe it is important to meet potential clients and make sure we are the right fit.

One of the things that sets us apart from our competitors is that we are a licenced builder with Tarion.

We have also developed and use many resources that we believe play an important role in facilitating a positive and transparent relationship. With our Homeowners Guide, clients can get a feel of what it is like to work with AE Builders. Having this resource allows you to review what the development phase entails, the selections phase (including what vendors we work with) and what the construction process looks like. We also use a software system called Coconstruct which allows you to track the progress on site, review costs, selection choices and so on.

When we work on your project we are fully invested and respect our known capacity to handle multiple projects at a given time. We do not accept projects at the detriment of others. Building is exciting and we hope to be part of your adventure.